Bridge Stage Loader

Bridge Stage Loader is mainly used for conveying coal at the gate road ,can be connected with crusher, end frame, scraper or belt conveyor to form a complete set.If necessary,it can be matched with self-moving device of the stage loaders and self-moving tail end of the belt conveyors, meeting the requirements of high capacity and high efficiency working face for high advancing speed and fast pushing.


Monorail crane is a kind of strong flexibility, fast running speed,big loading capacity, safety reliable auxiliary transportation equipment which is driving on a suspended monorail system , mainly used for coal mine fully mechanized mining working face ,installation retracement. Electric traction overhead monorail namely storage battery for the locomotive powered by an auxiliary transportation device. It has the characteristics of system operation low noise, low failure rate, easy maintenance, cheap price, strong climbing ability , can achieve the overall transport of hydraulic support and other large equipment preparation. At present, in the domestic coal mine of auxiliary transportation ,the main are explosion-proof battery monorail and diesel monorail.

Overland Conveyor Belt

The general lay-out of long-distance curved belt conveyor contains both horizontal and vertical turnings, it is flexible and adaptable to variety of complicated and rugged terrain over the mountain,river,etc.We have successfully designed more than 200 sets of curved belt conveyor.
The min.radii is 120m, the max. turning angle is 47.7°and there are 10 turnings in one conveyor. 
HOT Mining's belt conveyor have been widely applied in industry of cement plant, power station and coal mining etc. 
HOT Mining can design one as your requirement.

Scraper Conveyor

SZZ630 scraper conveyor is the transportion equipment which can be used with telescopic belt conveyor.
Laying Length:28.47m
Conveying Capacity:450t/h
Permissible Gradient:8°
Motor Power:90Kw
Scraper Chain Form:Two Inboard Chain
Specification of Round-link Chian:22*86-C

HSC Series Scraper Conveyor

scraper conveyor is a rectangular cross section in a closed shell,It’s apply to slow gently inclined low coal seam working face of a coal. It's suitable for hard coal and large blocks.