HMG200-BWD Shearer

AC Electric Haulage Shearer is used to extract thin coal seam.. It uses multi-motor driver, transversal arrangement.
Cutting height range:1.5-2.4m
Slope Angle≤ 600 (< 30。four-quadrant) 。
Coal Hardness ≤4.5f
Total Installed Power:468kW
The cutting motor power :2* 2*100kW
Traction motor power:2*30kW
The pump motor power:7.5kW   Voltage class:1140V

HMG100/240-BW Double Drum Shearer

HMG100/240-BW thinnest shearer is a new type machine for mechanized coal mining working face and high-grade mechanized coal mining working face.
Cutting height range:0.85-1.5m
Slope Angle:≤30°    Coal Hardness:≤3.5
Total Installed Power:2*100+40kW
Coal Gap:192   Designed capacity:437t/h
Voltage class:1140V  Machine Surface Height:674mm
Maximum cutting height:1500mm

SWS100/230-WD Shortwall Shearer

SWS100/230-WD shearer is the latest developed double-drum type which is suitable for shortwall and large inclination-angle panel.

HMG2x80 Shearer

HMG2x80/388-BWD AC Electric Haulage Shearer is used for low coal seam and super low coal seam.
Cutting height:0.9-2.2m
Dip angle of coal seam:≤60°(<30°Four-guadrant)
Coal hardness:F≤4.5
Total installating power:Kw388
Cutting motor power:2*2*80Kw
Traction motor power:2*30Kw

HMG100/111-TWD Electric Haulage Shearer

HMG100/111–TWD thin coal seam electric haulage shearer is frequency conversion speed regulating electric haulage shearer which comes out on the foundation of HMGI00-T shearer.
Mining Height(m):0.5-1.2
Cutting Depth(m):0.8-1.0
Suitable Inclination(°):≤30
Drum Diameter(m):ф0.75: ф0.85; ф1.0
Drum Rotating Speed (r/min):82

HMG100/258-BWD AC Electric Haulage Shearer

HMG100/258-BWD AC Electric Haulage Shearer is used to extract low coal seam and super low coal seam. It uses multi-motor driver, transversal arrangement. 
Cutting Height :0.9-1.6m
Dip Angle of Coal Seam:≤60°(<30°Four-guadrant)
Coal Hardness :f≤4.5
Total Installating Power:258kW  Cutting Motor Power:2*100kW
Traction Motor Power:2*25kW
Pump Motor Power :7.5kW
Voltage Grade:1140V   Machine Height:660mm

HMG100-TP Coal Shearer

HMG100-TP Hydraulic Haulage Shearer is the thinnest coal shearer in China. This hydraulic shearer is applicable to the 0.4-0.9m coal thickness.
Cutting height: 440~900mm
Dip angle of coal seam: <35°
Coal hardness: f≤ 3
Capacity: 75~100t/h
Length: 4525mm
Width: 910mm