Teetered Bed Separator

The teetered bed slurry separator separates the light and heavy material in the authigene solid flow bed resulted from the upward disturbed flow according to the density difference principle so as to separate the cleaned coal and gangue.
Model:H-CSS series
Handling Capacity:50-160t/h
Feeding Size:1-0.25mm


Spiral chute separator

Spiral chute separator is a relatively new type of gravity processing equipment, in recent years for the selection of fine-grained disseminated mineral powder has achieved good results. Its main features are: Equipment structure is simple, low cost; Space utilization is high, covers an area of small; No running parts, no power, low energy consumption; Operation and maintenance convenience; High operating rate and productivity; Processing a wide range of particle size. Therefore, in the concentrator has been widely used.

Sawtooth Wave Jig

Sawtooth Wave Jig mainly used for tungsten, tin, gold, iron, manganese, titanium, chrome, sulfur and other mineral processing and manganese slag,chromium residue,stainless steel slag and other smelting slag recovery alloy particles,metal recovery in mine dressing tailings,tailings treatment and so on.

Centrifugal Jig

Centrifugal Jig has the advantage of wide selected size, strong adaptability,small sorting proportion difference,low production cost,no environmental pollution,small footprint,large processing capacity.

Movable Sieve Jig

Movable Sieve Jig is one of the most advanced machine, electricity and liquid washing equipment for lump coal sorting.Technology is now in a leading international level.

6-S Concentrating Table

The 6-S concentrating table is one of the main equipment of gravity concentration. It is widely used in the beneficiation of tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, gold and other rare metals and precious metals.
Model: 6-S Concentrating Table
Type: Gravity Separation Equipment

Sawtooth-Wave Jig

Sawtooth-wave jig is a kind of energy-saving gravity separation equipment. Due to its sawtooth waveform of the jigging cycle curve, the jig concentrator owns the advantages of even/stable raising water flow and rapid falling water flow, thus it improves the inhalation effect during the beneficiation process.

Tailing Recycling Machine

The tailing recycling machine is suitable for the purification of all kinds of rare metal ore (tungsten, tin, gold, copper, lead, zinc, chromium, titanium, zirconium, rare earth, monazite, tantalum and niobium, garnet, quartz, kaolin) . It is new equipment of gravity concentration.

Three Products Coal Slurry Separator

The new product Three Products Separator (TPS) is the equipment based on ordinary TBS and using two stage separation to realize more efficient coarse coal slurry separation. It makes the result of coarse coal slurry separation more precise, especially when the coal quality is poor TPS has incomparable superiority than traditional TBS.
Model:TPS-1.8, TPS-2.4, TPS-3.0, TPS-3.6
Max Handling Capacity: 25-100 t/h
The Yield of Top Water: 60-200 m³/h
Dimensions: Depends on the model

Spiral Chute Separator

Model: glass-steel spiral chute
Feed size:0.3-0.02mm
Production Capacity: 0.15~8t/h
Application range: Applicable to sort iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, zirconite, rutile, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum-niobium ore of the size between 0.3 and 0.02mm

Gravity Concentrating Table

Model: 6-s double-deck concentrating table
Feed size: 0.02~4mm    

Capacity: 7.2~108t/set
Application range: Widely used in separation of placer gold and other minerals, mainly used for gold or coal preparation, etc.

Mineral Jig Separator Machine

Model: AM-30
Particle size: 0~30mm
Capacity: 10~15t/h
Application range: widely used in separation of hematite, limonite, specularite, Manganese Ore, Antimony ore, barite, mercury ore, fluorite, celestite, chromium slag, nickel slag, silicon manganese slag, vanadium-titanium bearing slag, etc.

Heavy Medium Vessel Bath

Model:QG series
Handling capacity:100~950t/h
Coal gangue discharging quantity:180~300t/h
Application range:Used for separation of coal and Coal gangue discharging