Single Rope Winding Type Hoist

The mine hoist(winder) is wildly used in coal mine, metal mine and non-metal mine. The mine hoist(winder) has strong lifting ability for lifting underground personnel, ores, materials, and equipment.

Planetary Reducer

Planetary gear reducer, which is a large torque reducer specially designed for mine hoist (winder). It can transmit large torque and withstand impact load. 

Disc Brake

Disc brake device and hydraulic station constitute the braking system of mine hoist, which is used to realize the working brake and safety brake of winder.

Fixed Hoisting Sheaves

It is equipped with the sprocket liner with wire rope groove.

Hydraulic Automatic Rope Adjusting clutches

Hydraulic automatic control, with the adjustment accuracy <5cm, easy to adjust the rope, hydraulic machinery double chain protection is safe and reliable.

Hoist Intelligent Electrical Control

The electric control system is adopted the networked AC electronic control system, which is developed by Alpha Technology. The control part adopts the dual PLC control, the stator circuit adopts the vacuum contact to carry on the positive or backward direction, or DC brake, the rotor circuit is controlled by SCR to control the resistor in or out.