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Are your workers still existing these behaviors as below in the coal washing plant? If yes, pls stop it right now.


01 Fail to have a good rest before night shift or work with fatigue and illness.

02 Fail to wear personal protective equipment before going to work.

03 Without implementation of shift relief system and unclear about the operation status.

04 Strangers were not stopped in time when they entering the plant.

05 Inform the central control room to start the equipment with no one standing nearby.

06 Fail to check whether there are people around, inside, up and down the equipment before starting it on site.

07 Enter the equipment for inspection when the upper and lower associated equipment were not powered off.

08 Do not hold the handrail when climbing or dismounting.

09 Not paying attention when getting on, down, in and out of the equipment.

10 Open the inspection hole to check the equipment during operation.

11 There is no monitoring on the upper part of the equipment when checking the lower part of the equipment that with big drop height.

12 Clean the coal accumulated in the chute without stopping the machine.

13 When handling the chain skipping of scraper, power cut is not applied.

14 Grab the coal on the running equipment by hand.

15 clean the accumulated coal on the pulley of the belt conveyor during operation.

16 Dredge the chute under the falling objects.

17 Enter the chute when the upper and lower associated equipment were not powered off.

18 Span the running scraper or belt conveyor.

19 Passing under the running belt conveyor.

20 Start the equipment without right operating procedures.

21 frequently start the equipment when the cause of equipment failure is not found out.

22 frequently start the equipment in violation of regulations.

23 After the equipment protection act, inform the centralized control room to start it without finding out the action reason.

24 Handle equipment failure by one person without permission. (monitoring needed)

25 Enter the equipment for internal inspection without permission.

26 Spray the bearing or motor with water to cool down in case of high temperature.

27 Use water to spray the electrical equipment on fire directly.

28 Operate the equipment when known that is still in trouble.

29 Deal with the running leather block during the operation of the belt conveyor.

30 Inspect belt conveyor by knocking the idler during operation.

31 Adjust the deviation of running belt conveyor by choosing the wrong methods and tools.

32 Failed to attend the after-work meeting and leave the position without permission.

33 Unclear about the features and work principles of equipment.

34 Shift manager gives instructions against rules and regulations.

35 No preventive measures are taken when the thickener foam treatment.

36 When handling heavy equipment or objects together, the pace is inconsistent.

37 When washing the equipment in the plant, flush the water against the electrical control box.

38 Leakage was not treated in time when carry the flocculant agent.

39 The hoisted objects are not bound firmly. When lifting, there are people standing directly below or passing through.

40 Do things that have nothing to do with work.

41 Wrong operation of equipment and tools.

42 Wear gloves to operate Rotating equipment.

43 Use the walkie talkie to say things that have nothing to do with work.

44 Failure to contact the on-site operator in time when handling on-site faults in production.

45 Work without pressure relief when repairing or handling the equipment under pressure.

46 Materials or waste products are not cleaned after the operation.

47 The equipment is not be commissioned after maintenance.

48 The waste oil after cleaning the equipment is not recovered as required.

49 Power off system is not implemented before the maintenance of the equipment

50 Smoking in the area of coal washing plant.


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