Comparison Analysis of XRT Intelligent Sorter and DSM Bath in Coal Washing Machine

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1 Comparison of Basic Principle

1.1 Working Principle of XRT Sorter

XRT Intelligent sorter is automatic sorting equipment based on advanced Imaging technology and AI technology. The coal and gangue are automatically analyzed and identified by an X-ray imaging system, which can obtain the material characteristics, and control the high-pressure wind to blow the target materials away.  

Figure 1. The Working System of X-ray Sorter

The Working System of X-ray Sorter-HOT Mining.jpg

1.2 Working Principle of DSM Bath

The DSM Bath sorts coal in the gravity field based on the principle of Archimedes' law. The material that is below the medium’s density will float above and pass the overflow as clean coal product under the action of horizontal flow; the material that is higher than the density of the medium is gangue, which will sink to the bottom of the bath, and will be scraped out by the chain scraper with the low operating speed. In order to effectively sort the materials, the dense medium suspension in the machine must be kept stable and evenly distributed.

 Figure 2. The Working System DSM Bath

The Working System DSM Bath-HOT Mining.jpg

1.3 Comparison Analysis

From the perspective of sorting principle and equipment structure, the DSM Bath machine is relatively complicated, and the sorting accuracy is easily affected by factors such as suspension density, rising water flow, and gangue plate height. And the sorting accuracy is limited. While the XRT intelligent sorter relies on a high-precision algorithm to intelligently identify each particle, that is, each piece of coal is independent and can be recognized quickly and accurately to exclude the gangue with different particle sizes.


2. Comparison of technical Parameters

2.1 XRT Intelligent Separator

※Wide processing size range: It can handle averagely 10- 300mm raw coal. The upper limit of separation is 300 mm and the lower limit is 10 mm.

※High separation accuracy: The rate of gangue removing is over 95%, the rate of gangue in coal is less than 2%.

※Great processing capacity: The processing capacity is 300t/h for the materials with different particle sizes.

※High-level intelligence: Workers are not required to be on duty for a long time, and the equipment fault can be self-detected.

Below is the technical table of TXS Intelligent Sorter of HOT Mining Tech.

Figure 3.Technical table of TXS Intelligent Sorter

Technical table of TXS Intelligent Sorter-HOT Mining.png

2.2 Dense Medium Bath

※Wide processing size range: It can handle averagely 6- 300mm raw coal.

※Strong adaptability to coal quality fluctuation, low operation cost and wide range of gangue discharge.

Figure 4 Main Technical Parameters of a DSM bath

Main Technical Parameters of a DSM bath-HOT Mining.png

2.3 Machine Advantages

2.3.1 Simple Structure and Process

Different from the traditional coal preparation process, XRT intelligent sorter does not need water in the screening process, that is to say, compared with DSM Bath, it not only has no slime water pressure filtration system and dense medium recovery system but also does not need pipeline connection equipment.

2.3.2 Higher Sorting Accuracy

XRT intelligent Sorter can accurately identify coal and gangue by building model and data analysis and realize the separation of coal and gangue with different particle sizes or the same particle size, which is far higher effective than the traditional coal preparation process.

2.3.3 Lower Cost

Different from the traditional coal preparation process, XRT intelligent ore sorter mainly uses x-ray to identify coal and gangue, and the execution medium is high-pressure air processed by the air compressor. Therefore, the air compressor is the main energy consumption device. While the traditional process requires a large amount of water and dense media, accessory equipment, complex system, high energy consumption, high cost of under construction. 

2.3.4 Less Mammal

Although the DSM bath has also been automated, the large particle size still needs manual selection, which requires greater labor intensity and is prone to accidents; XRT sorter has a higher degree of automation with advanced AI algorithm and in the production process, the accident rate will be greatly reduced by remote control.

Less Mammal-HOT Mining.jpg

2.3.5 Environment Pollution Issue

Traditional coal washing will produce slime in the process which is often discharged as waste when the product coal cannot be mixed with product coal and cannot be sold separately, due to the low calorific value of the slime. It makes great pollution to the environment. The XRT intelligent sorter doesn’t produce secondary slime because there’s no water, and the calorific value of sorted coal is high without any cake, which can be directly incorporated into the product coal for sale. It effectively solves the difficult problem of sticky wet slime treatment and avoids environmental pollution.

4 Conclusion

Compared with the traditional DSM bath, XRT intelligent sorter has advantages of highly automated, water-saving, low operation cost, high separation accuracy, which greatly improving the utilization rate of coal and greatly increasing economic benefits. The application of XRT intelligent sorter adapts to the development trend of the future coal industry.

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