Intelligent transformation boosts old equipment--Intelligent upgrade of horizontal centrifuge

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With the rapid development of intelligent construction. Since this year, Xiegou Coal Preparation Plant has opened a new path of intelligent coal preparation plant upgrading and transformation in terms of intelligent project maintenance, optimization and use safety by means of modern information and artificial intelligence technology in accordance with the project implementation plan to gradually optimize and upgrade the intelligent coal preparation plant in 2020.

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Horizontal sedimentation centrifuge is the key equipment of coarse slime water dehydration and recovery treatment in Xiegou Coal Mine Preparation Plant, which plays a key role in slime water treatment system. At present, in the process of intelligent construction, the operation condition of horizontal sedimentation centrifuge can not meet the needs of production control.

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In order to solve the problems of serious scaling in cooling system and high oil temperature in lubrication system during the operation of settling centrifuge in Xiegou Coal Mine Coal Preparation Plant, intelligent upgrading and transformation were carried out. On the one hand, each centrifuge is added with an independent PLC control cabinet, so that it can accurately and effectively control the centrifuge and monitor its operation status. In terms of safety device, the stress-strain gauge is replaced by a weighing sensor, and the torque value in the working process of the equipment is monitored by induction. When the torque overload occurs, the system will automatically adjust the opening of the feed regulating valve and open the water distribution dilution valve, so as to control the feeding amount of the equipment. At the same time, a vibration sensor is added at the position of the bearing seat on the transmission side, which can feed back to the touch screen to display the vibration value in real time. In the aspect of feed control, a set of pneumatic feeding valve, dilution water valve, bypass valve and flushing water valve are added on the feed pipe to realize the backstage automatic control. In terms of lubrication system, the new configuration of French worerner flow switch and French worrner heat exchanger can make the oil flow and flow more intuitive on site, so as to reduce the oil temperature.

On the other hand, all manual feeding valves are changed to intelligent pneumatic valves. At the same time, the feeding valve, flushing valve and settling torque are locked to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

"The oil temperature of 1472 gear box of the first reformed sedimentation centrifuge is about 10 ℃ lower than that of the other several unmodified equipment, and the washing effect of screen basket is obviously improved. In terms of operation, the modified 1472 settling centrifuge realizes one key start stop feeding at PAD end, and no longer requires manual operation step by step after coordination between the driver and the dispatcher, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of employees Wang Jiannan, technical director of coal washing workshop, introduced.

The upgraded sedimentation centrifuge has realized the functions of high torque automatic adjustment of feed quantity and automatic washing of screen mesh. To a certain extent, it reduces the labor intensity of workers and effectively improves the efficiency of slime treatment.

At the same time, the system through the PAD end of the equipment operating parameters, vibration and temperature online monitoring, monitoring and automatic collection of equipment alarm signals, when the sedimentation centrifuge failure, the first time on the plate display alarm information, improve the efficiency of troubleshooting, ensure the maximum effectiveness of the equipment.

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