How to Use TBS Well

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Barite Fluorite Dressing

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Miners' Safety Guard - Tandem Powered Support for Underground Mining

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Tandem powered support is a special kind of hydraulic roof support, which is mainly applied to temporary roof rock support (mechanized heading and blasting heading), working face terminal roof support, working face forepoling roof support and others.

Comparison of RC and HTBS

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Both RC and HTBS are hydrosizers based on teereted bed technology, which can realize mineral separation just by circulating water. However, due to the rectangle shape and tilting plate design, the structure of RC is more complex than HTBS, also the r

The Collection of Gold Ore Processing Methods - Do You Really Know about Gold Processing?

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The content of gold in the ore is very small, and it has the properties of chalcophile, siderophile and high melting point. In order to extract gold from natural minerals, many effective methods were found and improved.

Study on Solving the Environmental Protection Problems in the Process of Gold Mine All Slime Cyanida

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In view of the environmental protection problem of a gold mine in China, It studied on the transformation of mineral processing technology. finally, the flotation concentrate cyanide process is used to replace original All-Slime-Cyanida.

The Development of Copper Ore Processing Technology

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Copper is one of the earliest discovered and used metals. Because of its good ductility, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, the consumption of copper is only less than that of steel and aluminum in metal materials

Do You Exactly Know How to Mining the Ores

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Mining is the basic industry that requests mineral products from nature for the development of the national economy and provides raw materials and energy for modern industrial production. From the needs of people's lives to the development of science

Did Jigging Technology Fade Away? An Ancient But NOT Outdated Process

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Jigging is an ancient but mature coal washing technology by gravity. It has more than 110 years history since the application of air jigging machine. However, because the theoretical research of jigging coal washing technology is still wandering

Years of Research: High Efficiency Centrifuge was born at last

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Horizontal vibration centrifuge is mainly used to separate suspended solid particles and liquids. It is widely used in coal processing, mineral processing, water treatment and other industries.

Pride of South Gobi, HOT Pirates Re-enter Mongolia's Desert

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The South Gobi province, with a population of only 47,000, has become Mongolia's pride because of its rich mineral resources. Mineral resources in South Gobi Province mainly include copper, coal, gold, lead, zinc and iron, especially coking coal and

Case Study: A Gold Processing Plant Process Transformation and Upgrade

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In actual production, the concentrating plant often has the phenomenon of process interruption and operation stoppage due to equipment failure, which greatly reduces the equipment operation rate and seriously affects the smoothness and continuity of

Things You Need to Know about Remote Control LHD Applied to Non-ferrous Metal Underground Mine

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Mine safety is an important part of the sustainable development of mining industry. By remotely refitting the underground LHD , people can be avoided from entering the suspended arch area, and personal safety can be effectively guaranteed.

Underground Loader Remote Control System Used in Metal Mine

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Due to the danger of car crash caused by the roof falling from the manual operation of underground loader in the underground mine, Alpha modified one set of Anchises 2m³ loader in Chongli Zijin Mining in Hebei in October 2014.

Copper mining: HOT has delivered a fully mechanized shortwall system in Mexico

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HOT Mining has delivered a fully mechanized shortwall system adapted to hard rock conditions for continuous mining of low seam hard rock deposits. URL: fully-mechanized-shortwall-system-copper-mining-Mexico

Still Waiting? HOT Engineers Never Stop: Gold Mine Field Investigation

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HOT has visited a gold mine in China at 26th this month and held a technical seminar about that. The underground mine shall have an optimized solution for its increasing operational cost Kw: gold mine,gold cil,cip,gold m

Mechanized Mining of 78 Degree Steeply Inclined Thin Coal Seam Attracts Visitors from Pakistan

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The development of coal mining technology in Pakistani is relatively lagging. Pakistanni experts visit China focusing on Mechanized Mining of steeply inclined thin coal seam.

The Mechanization of Steeply Inclined Coal Seams Attracts the Vietnam Institute of Mining Science

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On November 21, technical personnel and representatives of Vietnam Institute of Mining Science and Technology arrived in Beijing and communicated with HOT about the Mining Technology of steeply inclined coal seam. 

Achieve BEST R.O.I in Your Coal Washing Plant Coal Washing Project Investment

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How could be better for this CHPP project? Should we divide this project into 2 stage, or achieved the 10 Mt/a capacity within one stage?

Reasons for the Failure of Mineral Investment Projects

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some projects seem to be particularly good, but there are big problems indeed for these companies or investors, some reasons for the failure of mineral investment projects are summarized as below:

Two: Importance of Technical Due Diligence in Overseas Mining Investment Activities

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As the increasing demand for quality mining projects and products in recent decades, many Chinese mining companies are finding and exploring overseas mining resource, getting involved in the activities of overseas mineral resource development

One: Importance of Technical Due Diligence in Overseas Mining Investment Activities

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As the increasing demand for quality mining projects and products in recent decades, many Chinese mining companies are finding and exploring overseas mining resource, getting involved in the activities of overseas mineral resource development

Field Investigation of Indonesia Coal Mining

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In the early September, Indonesian customers visited HOT Chengdu branch for technical communication. and then at the invitation of customers, HOT pirates went to the site of the project to conduct field investigation of coal preparation plant constru

Why Mine Evaluation Is So Important?

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In August, we have been invited to do evaluation for an on-going gold project. This mine has stopped production for two years.

Africa Investment Opportunities-HOT Attended the African Investment and Growth Partnership Project P

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On September 4, the conference of Africa Investment and Growth Partnership (PIGA) project promotion was held in Beijing. HOT and nearly 200 other guests and business representatives from China and Africa participated in the event to explore investmen

HOT and 9X Minerals Reached Investment Agreement and Will Participate in Scarce Resources

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Recently, HOT and 9X Minerals have reached a strategic investment agreement that HOT will invest and hold shares in 9X Minerals. According to the agreement, HOT's investment will be divided into two phases.

Job Vacancy

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We are hiring Graduate Geologist / Mining Engineer. HOT Mining (hereafter “HOT”) is a leading engineering practice that provides mining, mineral processing and associated infrastructure solutions to the global resources industry.

The pioneering work of HOT customized mining equipment: another path, integrated mechanized system t

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With the development of technology, mining technology is also more and more increasingly improved, and is developing towards automation and mechanization.

HOT's joint venture in Pakistan was formally established

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HOT's joint venture in Pakistan, Orient Mining Services (Private) Limited, was formally established and started operation.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Coal Washing Plant?

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It is easy to ask the question "how much does it cost to build a coal washing plant", but hard to find the right answers. Since there is a standard response to all!

The IoT Real-Time Monitoring&Early Warning System Has Been Debugged Successfully

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IoT Real-Time Monitoring&Early Warning System is developed by Alpha Industrial Technology Pty Ltd,located in Sydney,Australia,the top country in mine industry.

HOT Took The First Step in Mexico for The Copper Mining Mechanized Development

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After the customer came to Chengdu for technical exchanges last time, HOT personnel and experts went to Mexico to do technical research.

HOT Won Iran Coal Mining and Preparation Integrated Service

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Overall scope of service: Two coking coal mines, complete equipment supply for a total of 6 low coal seam fully-mechanized mining working face, 5 years of contracting services for mining production management, and a 300 thousand ton “Mini” coal prep

HOT Lead African to Prospect Gold

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Friends from Africa had brought HOT the gold CIL project. With plenty of time we played together with gold seeking.

HOT Engineers Went To Pakistan for Coal Mining On-site Investigation

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HOT engineers went to Pakistan to deal with matters of HOT’s joint ventures in Pakistan, as well as on-site investigation of coal mines and gathering information to determine further work content. Coal mining here completely belongs to the "original