Practical Application of TBS Separator in Yuxi Coal Preparation Plant

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With the rapid development of China's coal preparation technology, the traditional extensive development of coal preparation technology has gradually changed into personalized development. For example, slime flotation technology, dense medium cyclone separation technology and other coal preparation technology. In the selection of different equipment to achieve the above coal preparation process, different types of equipment, different performance, resulting in the final coal preparation results and efficiency are quite different. The coarse slime separation technology is relatively mature at present, and the process based on the teeter bed separator shows good results.This paper is to share a pratical application of Teeter Bed Separator which is designed by Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co Ltd.

  1. General situation of Yuxi coal preparation plant

General situation of Yuxi coal preparation plant.jpg

The annual output of the Yuxi coal preparation plant was designed at 3 million tons. The designed production capacity of a coal preparation plant is 3 MT per year, and the teeter bed separator is not used in the design and operation stage of the coal preparation plant. The material with particle size of 0.5 ~ 1 mm is separated by non pressure three product dense medium, and the material with particle size of less than 0.5 mm is separated by floating coal preparation process. However, in recent years, the content of fine coal in raw materials of coal mine is gradually increasing, which makes the proportion of coal mine materials with particle size less than 1 mm reach the maximum About 30%, which seriously affects the quality and effect of non pressure three product dense medium separation. Coarse slime is not fully utilized, and the medium used in separation increases, which increases the production cost of coal preparation plant, and has a very adverse impact on the economic benefits of coal preparation plant. In order to change the above unfavorable situation, in recent years, the process and equipment in the coal preparation plant have been upgraded. The advanced teeter bed separator has been introduced from abroad and put into use. The labor intensity of the staff has been significantly reduced, the failure rate of the equipment is low, and the separation effect and quality have been greatly improved.

2. Analysis of the basic structure and working process of the TBS separator

2.1 Basic structure of teeter bed separator

Fig1_Basic structure of TBS.png

????Fig1_Basic structure of TBS

The device can automatically adjust the separation density according to the actual situation of the coal preparation plant to realize low density separation. The production cost of the teeter bed separator is low, and the space occupied in the workshop is small.

When the teeter bed separator is working, water flows into the water pipe rising from the bottom, and materials are put into the feeding well. The basic working principle of the equipment is to use the density difference of different substances in the feed to make it have different precipitation characteristics and laws under the interference of rising water flow, and finally realize the separation.

2.2 Work flow of teeter bed separator

Under the action of continuous pressure, the water