Separation of Coarse Slime&its Influence on Coal Preparation Process

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Coal plays an important role in promoting the development of China's national economy and people's livelihood. At the same time, the demand of economic production for coal mines is also increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for coal mining. Therefore, it is necessary to make rational use of coal resources, effectively improve the accuracy of coal preparation, and realize the economical utilization of coal resources. However, in order to realize the economical use of coal resources and improve the coal preparation accuracy of coal mining, it is necessary to deeply analyze the reasons for the low quality of coarse slime, strengthen the application analysis of coarse slime separation technology, summarize the influence of coarse slime separation in the process of coal preparation, and better promote the rapid development of China's coal industry.

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Key Factors Affecting the Quality of Coarse Slime

Coal Preparation Factors

Coarse coal slime is a kind of coal obtained by slowly precipitation and filtration in the process of raw coal separation. At present, the coal preparation technology used in the process of coal resources development and utilization in China is more complex, and the production efficiency can not be effectively improved. At the same time, it has a great impact on the selection quality of coarse coal slime and reduces the utilization efficiency of coal resources in China. Flotation process and gravity separation process are commonly used in coal preparation. In the application process of flotation process, especially in the separation of flotation particles, it is very easy to have problems, which will cause adverse effects on the implementation of the subsequent gravity separation process, reduce the gravity separation particles, and then reduce the separation efficiency of coal. With the development of coal preparation, the traditional coal preparation process has been difficult to meet the current requirements of coal preparation. In addition, China's coal quality has the characteristics of more fine particles and higher ash, which makes the separation of coarse slime more difficult. Moreover, it is common that the coal industry in China does not pay enough attention to coal preparation, which is also the fundamental reason for the low quality of coarse slime in China.

Equipment Factors

The selection of coal preparation equipment will also have a great impact on the quality of coarse slime. At present, dense medium cyclone is widely used in the process of coarse slime separation in China, but it will affect the separation accuracy of coal, and it is difficult to realize the effective adjustment of coal production. In the working process of dense medium cyclone, due to the different diameter of coal particles, the centrifugal force in the equipment is also different, so the selection effect of fine coal particles is not ideal, and the separation accuracy of coarse slime and the application quality of coal preparation process will also have adverse effects. In addition to dense medium cyclone, such as solid-liquid fluidized bed separator, water medium cyclone, spiral coarse slime separator and other equipment will also affect the quality of coal preparation.

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Application Analysis of Current Coarse Slime Separation Technology in China

Application Technology of Coarse Slime Water Medium Cyclone

Water medium cyclone is used to separate and remove heavy coarse particles in sewage, and sometimes it is also used for mud dewatering. Generally, it can be divided into gravity type and partial pressure type. Its working principle is that under the action of gravity or pressure, water does not enter from the metal pipe or structure along the tangent line, and the coarse and heavy particles are thrown to the wall under the action of centrifugal force, and rotate downward at the same time, and are discharged together with the formed thick liquid. However, some smaller particles will follow the secondary upwhirling vortex after rotating to a certain extent. In short, this technology uses water as the medium to separate the coarse coal under the centrifugal force. Generally speaking, if the coal particles are larger, it is more suitable for this technology, but it has the shortcomings of low accuracy, so it has certain limitations in application. Generally, water medium cyclone is commonly used for the separation of medium coal, and its application range in coarse slime separation is narrow.

Application Technology of Solid Liquid Fluidized Bed Separator

The solid-liquid fluidized bed separator has been put into use for a short time in China, which is a relatively new slime separation technology. Compared with the water medium cyclone technology, the application of solid-liquid fluidized bed has a better separation effect. Through the use of the rising water, the coarse slime re separation tailings are liquified to form a certain density of suspension. At this time, the high-density fluidized bed can filter out the relatively small particles in the coal mine, and improve the fine degree of coal separation. The solid-liquid fluidized bed separator can ensure the relatively stable density of suspension and achieve better separation effect for coarse slime.

Application of Spiral Coarse Slime Separator Technology

The application of spiral Coarse Slime Separator in coarse slime separation can realize the separation of coal particles in a certain range. Spiral Coarse Slime Separator structure is relatively simple, easy to adjust, not only does not need reagents, media, but also has a certain desulfurization effect, it can be seen that spiral Coarse Slime Separator has a good coal separation effect, but this technology can not replace the flotation process, can not meet the current high requirements for difficult coal preparation and tip coal preparation.

Separation Technology of Dense Medium Cyclone

The application of dense medium cyclone separation technology has the advantage of high separation accuracy, so it has a wide range of application in coarse slime separation. Dense medium cyclone can concentrate heavy coal particles, simplify the effect of coal preparation process and improve the efficiency of coarse slime separation. Even so, this technology also has some shortcomings, such as the adjustment of the equipment is more complex, the coarse slime separation effect is not ideal under the effect of dense medium cyclone after the heavy particles are concentrated.

Influence of Coarse Slime Separation on Coal Preparation Process

Effectively Improve Coal Preparation Accuracy

The process of clean coal extraction from raw coal is complex, which must go through a certain extraction process, and coarse slime separation is the key link. Therefore, in order to improve the accuracy of coal preparation, it is necessary to ensure that the coarse slime separation can be completed in detail and efficiently. The separation of coarse coal slime can effectively reduce the proportion of ash and sulfur in raw coal, which can not only greatly improve the accuracy and purity of raw coal, improve the utilization efficiency of coal, effectively protect coal resources, but also greatly reduce the emission of harmful gas from coal combustion and avoid great damage to the environment.

Effectively Improve the Efficiency of Coal Preparation

On the surface, the coarse slime separation technology seems simple, and the application of coarse slime separation technology can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of coal preparation. Before using coarse slime separation technology, coarse slime separation needs to go through more processes, which consumes more people, money and material resources, and it is difficult to effectively improve coal preparation efficiency. Even the application of water medium cyclone, spiral Coarse Slime Separator, dense medium cyclone and other coarse slime separation technologies have certain limitations, and the application of these technologies in coarse slime separation can improve the coal preparation accuracy and efficiency to a certain extent, and promote the further development of China's coal industry.

Effective Saving of Coal Preparation Cost

The application and promotion of coarse slime separation technology can improve the application efficiency of coal preparation machinery and process, greatly reduce the labor cost of coal preparation work, effectively save the enterprise capital budget, and further improve the market competitiveness and economic benefits of coal preparation of coal enterprises. Compared with the traditional coal preparation process, the application of coarse slime separation technology can greatly improve the application level of coal preparation process, and the labor of staff will be greatly reduced. Through the continuous improvement of the existing coarse slime separation equipment and technology, the coarse slime separation equipment and coal preparation process are more suitable for China's coal mining practice, better reduce the workload of coal preparation, reduce the coal preparation process investment of coal enterprises, and improve the coal preparation efficiency of enterprises.

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The review shows that the separation technology of coarse slime is of great significance for coal production. At present, the application of conventional coal preparation technology in China has been relatively mature, but the work efficiency in the process of gravity separation and flotation of coarse slime is generally not high. In this way, the coarse slime separation technology and equipment need to be continuously optimized and improved to effectively improve the coal preparation accuracy and efficiency. This requires coal enterprises to strengthen the in-depth analysis and discussion of coarse slime separation and its impact on coal preparation process, so as to better promote the further development of coal enterprises.



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