X-Ray Coal Ash Moisture Analyzer

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X-Ray Coal Ash Moisture Analyzer


Coal is an important energy and chemical engineering resource in the world. Ash content is a key evaluation parameter of coal quality, as well as a standard that guides the reasonable utilization of coal. The traditional ash measurement method usually takes several hours to obtain the data results, which cannot meet the requirements of real-time ash measurement in modern intelligent coal preparation plants. Therefore, it is particularly important for modern coal preparation plants to use a device that can accurately measure coal ash content indicators in real time.

HOT X-Ray Real-time Ash & Moisture Content Monitor use X-ray penetration technology to quickly scan the coal sample on the belt, and uses artificial intelligence algorithm to calculate the ash content & moisture content of coal in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of online real-time monitoring of ash &moisture. 


Product Parameters

Technical Parameter

Measuring Accuracy of Ash Content

Ash Content 15%

0.5%, 1σ

Ash Content 15%~30%

1.0%, 1σ

Ash Content 30%

1.5%, 1σ

Measuring Accuracy of Moisture Content


0.5%, 1σ


1.5%, 1σ

More Than 20%

2.0%, 1σ

Reference Accuracy of Calorific Value

(The Specific Accuracy Is Given According to The   Site Conditions)

Clean Coal

100kcal/Kg, 1σ

Low Ash Raw Coal

150kcal/Kg, 1σ

High Ash Raw Coal

200kcal/Kg, 1σ

Comparing with lab testing, the X-ray ash analyzer detection result can accurately reflect trend of ash content with less error.


Product Performance

1.Quality Stability

After eight hours of continuous standard testing, the X-ray ash moisture detector can still maintain a detection error of less than ±0.5%.

2. Real-Time Data Output

The system can stably output data in real time, and can change the output mode according to the setting, hourly output, per shift output, daily output, on-demand set output times, etc.

3. System Linkage

If the coal preparation plant has an automatic density control system, the data measured by the Ash & Moisture Content Monitor can be directly linked with the system to provide data support for automatic control, not only that, the X-ray Ash & Moisture Content Monitor can also be used in conjunction with other systems.

4.Simple Maintenance

X-ray Ash & Moisture Content Monitor is an integrated equipment, simple and durable structure, system spare parts replacement is convenient.



1.What is the difference between X-ray Ash & Moisture Content Monitor and γ-ray ash monitor?

A: γ ray ash monitor uses radioactive elements to release γ rays penetrate coal to obtain its ash index, which is extremely harmful to the human body and is not convenient to manage. The X-ray Ash & Moisture Content Monitor uses low-power cathodic discharge to produce X-rays, which can be energized with X-rays, power-off without X-rays, and equipped with a large number of lead plates around the equipment for protection, we always putting the life and health of workers in the most important position.

2. What is the main principle of X-ray Ash & Moisture Content Monitor in real time to detect the ash and moisture indicators?

A: X-ray Ash & Moisture Content Monitor generates X-rays through cathodic discharge, X-rays penetrate the coal on the belt and reflect the rays on the imaging plate under the coal to form an X-ray image, and then calculate and deduce each part of the image through the computer, the moisture and ash index of coal can be determined, and the reference calorific value can be calculated.

3. Can the X-ray ash moisture meter be linked to other systems in the coal preparation plant to provide coal quality data for other systems?

A: X-ray Ash & Moisture Content Monitor can be linked with other systems, such as centralized control system, density automatic control system, coal quality analysis system and other intelligent coal mine systems. We have reserved a variety of interfaces for this equipment to be used to link with other systems and equipment to further improve the intelligence level of coal preparation plants and improve production efficiency.