Mineral Exploration

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Mineral Exploration

How to find the commodity mineral resource and mining situation is a key step for a mine project. The result of exploration consulting and mine evaluation can help you to understand better about the mine geology situation, mine conditions and ore property analysis, preparing for the following feasibility study and preliminary design.

At present, HOT owns two Fellow members (FAusIMM) and three Members (MAusIMM) in the Australasia Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, becoming one of the companies with the largest number of AusIMM members in China.


Our resource modeling and estimation can better reflect the real situation and potential value of resources, under the support of our rich experience in structural geology and deposit geology, our understanding of geostatistics and our experience in resource estimation and mining management.

Service scope:

Technical due diligence: HOT help investors to do targeted pre investment due diligence services, based on the team's years of experience in investment and M & A of domestic and foreign mines.


Exploration Quality Control Service:  

l  Geology Exploration Management and Process Audits

l  Field Investigations

l  Sampling and Testing (if required)

l  Resource and Reserve Estimation

l  Geological Analysis for the mine

l  Mining Engineering Suggestion

l  Venture and Investment Suggestion

1.HOT Provide technical review and suggestions for exploration design scheme to make it conform to JORC and other international reporting standards.

2.Provide specific QA / QC technical guidance procedures, including sampling, testing and database management.

3.To undertake the supervision function of exploration engineering construction quality.

4.Database establishment, verification, geological interpretation and management.

5.Resource estimation.


Our Experts

●HOT is currently the largest co-operative institution in China with the highest number of academicians and engineers’ qualifications from the top international mining societies.

More than 30 years experienced mining and mineral processing engineers provide their professional views and suggestions in the report.

Our experience:

HOT has participated in the projects of due diligence and acquisition of many world-class mining projects, maintenance of mining rights, exploration technology and related management work. Our core team has conducted geological, mining, processing, port, railway and infrastructure surveys on coal mines, CBM, oil, gold, copper, iron, lead-zinc and non-metallic mines in China, Australia (South Australia, West Australia, Queensland, New South Wales,  North Territory), Central Asia, Southeast Asia, West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa, etc.


Our Laboratory:

HOT Mining provides quality-reliable mineral processing experiment services through the help of our partner’s lab, which is equipped with a variety of advanced testing and analysis equipment and instruments. The ores we can test including the base metals (Cu, Pb, Zn) and the precious metals (Au, Ag,), and even the nonmetallic ores (Barite, Fluorite, Kaolin) and coal, etc.


Services Content:

1. Mineral processing Experiment

2. Small Scale Mineral Processing Experiment

3. Scale-up Continuous Experiment 

4. Semi Commercial Experiment

5. Commercial Experiment

6. Single technical Experiment