Metallurgical Testing

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Metallurgical Testing

Why should we do an experiment

The mineral processing experiment is aimed to analyze ore properties, and the results are the main technical basis for the design and construction of mineral processing plants. It can effectively help engineers to determine the best production process, the most reasonable equipment selection and process parameters, and then help mining project developers to obtain the most reasonable economic returns.


There are never two identical leaves in a tree, and so are the ores. Even in the same mining area, there may be differences in ore properties at different depths and locations. Therefore, mineral processing experiment must be conducted to formulate the most reasonable mineral processing, rather than copying other similar processing flows.


Laboratory Introduction

HOT Mining provides quality-reliable mineral processing experiment services through the help of our partner’s lab, which is equipped with a variety of advanced testing and analysis equipment and instruments. The ores we can test including the base metals (Cu, Pb, Zn) and the precious metals (Au, Ag,), and even the nonmetallic ores (Barite, Fluorite, Kaolin) and coal, etc.



Services Content

1. Mineral processing Experiment

2. Small Scale Mineral Processing Experiment

3. Scale-up Continuous Experiment

4. Semi industrial Experiment

5. Industrial Experiment

6. Single technical Experiment

Report Cases