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X-Ray Transmission (XRT) Intelligent Coal and Mineral Ore Sorter


2023-03-16 17:20:39

Based on the sensor technology and X-ray transmission technology, the XRT ore sorter provides a brand-new solution to remove the waste and coal gangue of raw ores.

Revolutionizing Coal Processing: The SKT Jigging Machine


2023-10-08 16:49:55

Discover how the SKT Jigging Machine from HOT Company is revolutionizing coal sorting equipment in the industry. With advanced valve technology, high sorting precision, and an intelligent control system, this innovative solution enhances coal processing efficiency.

HTBS Teetered Bed Separator(TBS)


2023-03-16 11:23:29

The Teetered Bed Separator(TBS) separates the light and heavy material according to the density difference principle so as to separate the cleaned coal and gangue and is widely used in coal processing, mineral processing.

Vibration Exciter of Screens


2024-04-29 11:07:09

The self-developed exciter introduced by HOT Mining Tech uses imported bearings, which can perfectly replace more than 80% exciter brands on the market and realize cost-effective replacement.

Filter Press


2023-04-07 14:32:47

The features of HOT filter press are automatic feeding, automatic end of feeding, automatic queuing unloading, system safety locking, and intelligent monitoring of filter press status.